Cleveland Guardians of the Safe Space of Woke Liberals

Progressive Field Indians

The Cleveland Indians have announced they will be changing their name to the Cleveland Guardians of the Safe Space for Woke Liberals. They will go by the Guardians for short. We now live in woke times where you are allowed to be offended as long as you are a Liberal. Liberals will now have a team to cling to, this team will guard their feelings and give them a safe space. Actually it will probably be a lot of it as nobody is attending professional sporting events. This is not because of COVID. Instead, this is because these events have become a whining kneelathon with men playing women’s sports among other things. Today sports are less and less about athletic competition and more about guarding feelings.

Of Course a poll in 2015 found 9 out of 10 Native Americans were not offend by the Redskins name. Although many did not like the Indians Logo. Most apparently either don’t care about the name or literally see it at a sign of respect. Recognition as a worthy advisory as it may be. These woke morons are offended. I wonder if state names like South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota and more all named after Native Americans offend them. They will not give up until natives are wiped off the map and kicked out of sporting arenas.

This name will be short lived as the woke liberals will find out they need to tear down Moses Cleaveland statute because he was a patriot that served under George Washington. More importantly he was a white male general from the 18th century. Therefore according to CRT storytelling, he must have been racist and fought Native Americans to steal their land. They will probably need to rename the city for this reason. Liberals might wake up one day and put 2 and 2 together and realize that Guardians in modern society are the Police. They will be offended that Guardians refer to the police and must be defunded.

The next name can be the Antifaland Kneelers. I guess we should have seen this coming after all “The Team Formally known as the Indians” do play at “Progressive Field“.

We here at DogFacePonia look forward to watching Professional Wrestling rather than this in the future.

Image From: “Progressive Field” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Seluryar