Biden Rooting for the Astros

Stormtroopers at Astros Game

Biden has come out as a fan of the Astros. He has said he hopes they win the World Series. This might seem strange as Texas more than any other state (except Florida) has defied Biden and his Regime. Biden is also afraid of the powers of Brandon Chop, or was it the tomahawk chop. Biden is considering sending some stormtroopers and Merrick Garland to the games to shut it down.

Undercover DogFacePony Spies have noted that Biden was inspired by the underhanded victory of the 2017 Astros. The lack of punishment received by the Astros in 2017 was a tell tale sign that cheaters are accepted. It also alleviated fears that Hunter Biden’s cheating business antics would bare little to no punishment.

It is believed about 10% of American Baseball fans are cheering for the Astros, which is in line with Biden’s Real Approval Rating.

The Regine is said to be working with MLB to move at least some of the Atlanta Home games to either Colorado or del Rio. MLB likes del Rio because it has a lot of popularity with Latin American Fans. There could be record attendance at those games with a Caravan of new fans on the way. Biden remains in favor holding the game in Colorado where they ain’t black. Biden and Kamala also will not be able to attend games at the border because they don’t to go there.

Regardless of where they relocate they must move it out of Atlanta because of Climate Change, aka Voting Laws. Even though Texas also requires voter ID go figure. Hunter Biden has plans for each location. In Colorado he will sell paintings to affluent whites folks. del Rio will stock up his drug supplies.

We here in DogFacePonia believe no matter what happens Bran-Jen Psaki will circle jerk us around as normal. Hopefully, no change of venue will happen as the thought of seeing the Brandon Chop is awe inspiring. We have it on good authority that the real name of Blooper, the Braves Mascot, is Brandon.

Image From: “DSC_6040” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by jimw7