Sicknesses, Rumors of Sicknesses and Coffee.

Exploding Coffee Grounds in a Glass

With the rise of Strep Type-A and Scarlet Fever among British school kids. Which seems to us as ridiculous as a Measles outbreak, in an overly vaccinated World. With Monkey Pox (or I mean MPox) lurking in the shadows and even though the Fake Emergency appears to be over, though it never really gained traction. As the “Covid” challenge continues to be extended with Flurona and Coldvid cases on the rise.

This got us in the office thinking about coffee.

Yes, we have some Teetotallers and even some who prefer Herbal Coffee (we are told it has to do with health reasons, which we can’t divulge), though we think they must ‘Really’ like the taste.

However, in light of all the dis-ease lately, we decided we would like to try some Black Death Coffee. We are told it is so very dark, it will knock you on your bum. Like Coke or Tab (both of which nobody drinks anymore) it will remove rust and kill bacteria. Creamer and sugar are not allowed as the coffee just eats it up and you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

The rumor is that even Rats and Flies enjoy it, too. That they smuggle it aboard ships and in dark alley ways.

If one is to believe such things.

Image From: “art-broken-explosion-glass” (Public Domain) by pixellaphoto