The Camera Just Adds Something To Biden

Frazzled Joe Biden on TV Screen

We here in DogFacePonia have known for a while that the Camera adds 10 pounds. We decided to do some research to find out what else the camera can add. Somehow in our research we determined the Camera takes away too.

We decided to research Joe Biden and others in his Administration and get to the truth. The following are things we discovered:

  1. The Camera makes people look clumsy; I mean seriously who falls down the stairs? The Camera was at fault for sure…

Unless Trump has a VooDoo Doll of Joe Biden which they may have suggested on CNN. Fortunately for us, in the land of DogFacePonia watching CNN is punishable by exile to Portland, or having your vison corrected with lasers.

  1. The Camera adds dementia. Again, all you need to do is listen to Joe Biden’s first press conference since taking office.

Further research determined the MSM also has dementia. Many of us picked up on this a long time ago. The case of dementia in the MSM makes Joe Biden look like a rocket scientist. I think the MSM might even have anointed Joe Biden a rocket scientist from time to time.

  1. The Camera adds ten pound for sure. One Look at Dr. Rachel Levine, newly appointed, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and things become very clear. It must be the Camera adding weight because an obese health secretary makes little sense.

We may need to do more research, but the camera seems to be doing all sorts of crazy things to Rachel Levine. I mean it is hard to tell if this is a man or a woman, just maybe it is an alien. We are sure this has something to do with the cameras.

The above must be the reason that Biden, his family, and his administration are avoiding press conferences, media appearances, and questions as much as possible. They are content to let Jen Psaki run in circles for the camera. That way they can all avoid it. The Camera seems to add stupid to her.

Research will continue and DogFacePonia Mental Institution is expected to release more concrete findings soon. Until all the details can be hashed out, we here in DogFacePonia believe you should get all news from solid sources, like Your mental health just might depend on it.

Image From: “IMG_8411a” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Elvert Barnes