What is an Omnibus Bill Anyhow?

Toilet Paper Dollars

When we first heard the word Omnibus, we thought it might be a new variant of Covid that the government planned to inflict on us. People were planning to get together with family this year and Democrats just couldn’t have that on their watch. So, they would release omnibus on us. Strange it is not as far from the truth as you might think. This bill is probably more money than congress paid Pfizer for their questionable “vaccine”. The CDC now says causes adverse side effects in some people.

It is a lot like the covid virus in several ways.

  • It is destroying our country.
  • It costs alot of money.
  • It makes you sick (if you look at what is in it)
  • It makes members on Congress rich.
  • It has something to do with Toilet Paper.

Congress as usual is flushing your money down the drain. The Omnibus Spending spree is opposed by more than 70% of people in a Twitter Poll. Whether this is representative of the American People as a whole is hard to know. Still, it is worth pointing that Trump only got 53% of the vote to re-enable his account and Musk lost the vote if he should remain as CEO. It is fair to say that there are at least a fair number of people all over the spectrum are voting against flushing away 1.7 Trillion Dollar, in the middle of the worst inflation in 40 years. If one thing can unite us it is being opposed to Congress giving money away to destroy our economy.

For those counting at home that is about $5,029 per person in the United States based on 338 million people in UN Projection. Certainly, the population could be more than that with wide open borders, but they won’t pay taxes. If you only count the taxpayers, it is worse closer to $12,000 per taxpayer. Merry Christmas, especially to your Grandchildren who will have to pay it. Speaking of wide-open borders, the bill allocated zero dollars to the border of the United States. Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman will get $410 million for their borders. You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently, Mike Lee messed up the works for Congress by trying to get Title 42 added to the bill. 19 States begged the Supreme Court to keep it in place.

We sent in our agents to ask Congress why they passed it.

  • Nancy Pelosi – I am not going to be Speaker soon this is my last chance to get Hammered without my Husband.
  • Mitch McConnell – Everyone knows this is Trumps Fault. The Insurrection and Ukraine are Republican’s Top Priorities not America.
  • Chuck Schumer – I hate America.

One other hilarious note is that they apparently closed a loophole in the Succession law. According to Democrats, Trump tried to use the loophole to overthrow the election. If there was a loophole does that mean, there was no insurrection? He was just using a loophole, it’s like how rich people and companies avoid taxes, it’s not illegal. Sorry, sorry we need to stop with this logic stuff.

None of this is good for America, I can assure you of that. We haven’t had time to read the 4,000-page document yet and neither has anyone else. No doubt it will pay for Gender Studies in countries that hate us, An LBTQXABC+ Museum (which will need to be updated every year to add letters), A trail named after Michelle Obama, A building for Nancy Pelosi, money for transition your kids without your approval, mating habits of Costa Rican frogs, Money for the ATF and IRS to confiscate your guns and the aforementioned border security in middle easter countries. Of course, there is also 40+ Billion for Ukraine. Wahoo. Republicans could have stopped this and waited a bit but did not. They just go along with Build Back Better like they have ever since Biden got in office. Gee I wonder why they was no Red Wave in the mid-terms.

So back to our original Question, what the real definition of Omnibus is? The Answer is ” a volume containing several novels or other items previously published separately”. So, the Omnibus Bill is everything the Democrats wanted all year but could not get passed. It is all thrown together in a volume as 1 bill that nobody reads at the end of the year, right be for Christmas. Then they force it through on threats of closing the government. The Short description “Congress flushed your money down the toilet”. I hope they used UberFlush. 4000 pages or 1.7 Trillion dollars might clog the toilet.

Image From: “Dollars toilet papers” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by The Gangsta, The Killer and The Dope Dealer