Make Commanders (Great) Redskins Again?

Mark Brunell Redskins QB vs. Vikings

The Football team in Washington has experienced a lot of changes in recent years. Changes at QB, Head Coach, Team Name, and ownership. It could be argued few professional football teams, in modern times, have seen this kind of change. However, the last time the Redskins won a playoff game was in 2006. At the time Mark Brunell was QB and Joe Gibbs was the Head Coach. So, change seems pretty necessary.

In 2020 they took a woke safety and changed their name. It cost them more than 2 points. The only thing worse would have been to kneel down and hire Colin Kaepernick. This might be surprising as they have had 13 different starting QBs since Kirk Cousins left after 2017. Some are arguing it’s time to throw up a Hail Mary or perhaps an onside kick. Here goes nothing. The Native American Guardian Association (NAGA) is petitioning the Commanders NFL franchise to change its name back to “Redskins.”

The idea is gaining momentum. There are however some issues that have arisen.

Does that mean the president of the United States would in the future be referred to as the Redskin in Chief? Would Jill Biden be referred to as the First Squaw?

Elizabeth Warren would have to receive a lifetime season pass to the Washington Redskins as a mascot because she is the first Squaw to be considered for the presidency.

Will the president’s dog Commander be similarly renamed Redskin? It seems appropriate given the dog’s propensity to draw blood from Secret Service agents. No scalping has been reported but give the dog time.

Solutions to the dog’s temperament have been considered. Many believe the dog has gender dysphoria and will be transitioning. Would that mean the dog would be a Squaw and/or so-named? Changing your name is considered part of transitioning.

We here at DogFacePonia don’t know if changing the name back Redskins will get them more fans or win more games. Maybe at least the team won’t be for the dogs. On the other hand, changing the Commander back to the old one would Make America Great Again.

Image From: “mark brunell under center” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by brett gullborg