Chief Lizzy Warren

Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren explained in a recent interview how the Democrats are sure to maintain control of the Government in the 2022 elections. While lashing out and explaining to the correspondent to bite off their tongue for even suggesting the Democrats might lose.

Thankfully, Elizabeth Warren had the chance to explain why all the poll numbers are considerably incorrect. Self-appointed Indian Chief Pocahontas Lizzy Warren explained that she has taken many vision quests, at least 1 for every booster. During these Vision Quests she spoke directly with the undead voters of the Nation and the leadership at Pfizer. She explained that the dead vote is being discounted by GOP and that Republican opposition to Democrat ideas has pushed nearly all of these previously undocumented citizens into the Democrat affiliation. Not Only that but the dead population would soon be increasing based on expected increases in Post Pandemic Stress deaths.

We asked for further information on this previously ignored subset of voters. Pocahontas Warren explained the math to us and it felt kind like painting with all the colors of the wind.

Biden has a 33% approval rating amongst the living which she said was disheartening. She went on to explain there was much hope. Warren told us less than 33% of the population wanted to have the names of the Indians and Redskins changed but they still got that done. She went on to explain the math which she showed was super easy. 33% Living plus 100% of undead and divide by two, which leaves the Nation 66.5 % in favor of the Democrats.

We here is DogFacePonia are wondering how we can get our hands on some of the drugs used in these vision quests. We are pretty sure it wasn’t Ivermectin. Though we have also never heard of Previously Undocumented Citizens it was not long ago that we only recognized 2 genders. Reimaging has been a key word of Democrats for a while and they have clearly reimagined science and Chief Warren definitely has a wonderful imagination.

Image From: “Elizabeth Warren” (CC BY 2.0) by Tim Pierce