New Book – How to Lose Wars and Betray People

General Milley lost in thought

General Mark A Milley is working on his memoirs. He plans to tell his side of the story in a book that is due out right around the time he plans to be court-martialed for Treason.

The New Book will be titled “How to Lose Wars and Betray People”. Mark got the idea for a book after watching former Trump Administration staffers cashing in on unfounded allegations for big money. He was hoping to have the same success as John Bolton, but found out he was not related to Michael Bolton.

Milley said “I will probably need some money to fund my defense, so I thought why not release a book. The Liberal press will eat it up.” He continued “Treason is a big crime, but as long as the media and the Liberals are on my side I’ll probably get off”

Miley suggested he also needed a retirement plan. He might lose his pension due to the treason and the VA health insurance wasn’t very good. “If I stayed on my current path it seemed suicide would be the only way out. Thankfully, I did not serve in a high capacity in the Clinton Administration otherwise I might already be dead. ” Milley Said.

The book is only in draft at this time. Miley figures that since Biden has dementia that it will be a while before he figures out Milley has betrayed him.

Early chapter titles from the forthcoming book

  • Befriending China
  • Making New Friends by Leaving Weapons Behind
  • Don’t ask me to be Accountable or I will send you to the Brig
  • Backstabbing Presidents
  • Lying to Congress
  • Secret Deals with Lucifer (Nancy Pelosi)
  • You can always blame Trump
  • Passing the Nuclear Football
  • It is Biden‘s fault he didn’t listen to me
  • Afghanistan : The results show I was right to betray everyone

We in DogFacePonia are old fashioned and think the trial proving Milley’s treason will be fun. We will get the Corona Beer ready for the celebration. The sooner the better.

210929-D-TT977-0347” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense