Halloween Costumes to Scare Liberals 2022 Edition

Man in a Monkey Costume

Back by popular demand the Halloween costumes to scare liberals. If you are looking for ideas to scare your liberal neighbor, we have them right here. Be careful however these Liberals are getting more triggered and out of control these days.

  • Monkeypox – Imagine for a minute a disease that generally only impacts a small portion of the population, that is curable, that we have a vaccine for, that has killed nobody. This is same scary stuff out of a nightmare. A liberal nightmare because it impacts the LBTQX123+community. We are pretty sure you can get a monkey costume and maybe put some pox on it. Awesome as an added bonus dressing up like a monkey is probably racist. Double Whammy.
  • Russian Anything – Go as Russian anything. Putin, maybe vodka, oil, nuclear bomb or I mean whatever they used sell here. We honestly can’t think of a whole lot. Put a Russian flag on or something. You will be bringing about the end. What is so funny but literally not funny at all about this is that the left seems to be provoking Putin. What can we do to deescalate the situation. Blow up the pipeline that will work.
  • Tucker Carlson – Speaking of Russian anything. Dress up like Tucker and you can be a Russia Asset. Tucker is on the list 3 years running it would be more, but I mean we have only been doing a list since 2020.
  • Count Dracula – You may think Count Dracula is a classic Halloween costume from a classic book. That is where you are wrong. It is simply the expression of white male tyranny! Look at Dracula he is clearly white and not just your average peach white people. We are talking white as death. To dress up as him you literally put on White Face! Just like White Supremacy this character has been haunting people since the Middle Ages. It probably started in 1619 or whatever.
  • Straight White Male/Female – If you happen to be white just go as yourself. Have a job, a significant other from the opposite gender, maybe tell some people you are conservative. Bam your mere existence is enough to trigger Liberals. It you are not white this is way more fun. Let’s get some white face paint ready!
  • Clown or Mime – Speaking of white face it has many uses.
  • A Folder That Says Top Secret – So maybe get a box and cut a hole for your head. It will look a bit like a folder. Then write top secret on it. Then pose for some pictures and get ready for the swat team. You must be so dangerous the FBI will raid your house. They will need to go through all your documents and underwear.
  • Nuclear Family – Do you happen to have spouse of the opposite gender? You haven’t changed your gender and you have 1 or more children? You are literally nuclear. Dress in 1950s clothing go trick or treating and you will be labeled a terrorist by the left.
  • A MyPillow – Nothing says insurrection quite like a comfortable pillow. MyPillow is special and will trigger liberals. Watch out they may just confiscate you or at least your phone. As a special bonus you are white.
  • Elon Musk – He is Buying Twitter one day to Trigger Liberals. Then no thanks, they can keep it. Then buy Twitter again to trigger Liberals. I guess according to the left, he supports Ukraine one Day and Russia the next. He just really likes to trigger people or maybe just thinks for himself. It is all very confusing for the Tesla driving Liberal who will probably be triggered when the electricity goes off.
  • An Illegal Immigrant in Martha’s Vineyard – A normal Illegal Immigrant won’t do, maybe carry a sign saying looking for a ride to Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Pro-Life Activist – Get yourself a babies lives matter t-shirt. Wear it and go trick or treating at an abortion clinic. The FBI might not care if churchs are attacked or crisis pregnancy centers are burned down. If you even suggest it isn’t ok to murder an unborn baby get ready for the swat team to raid your house.
  • MAGA Terrorist – Nothing is more scary to liberal than the idea that someone else is allowed to support Trump. Not only that but wear a hat that proves it. Meanwhile, MAGA Terrorists have killed nobody. But the left thinks it is no big deal to murder people if they are trump supporters. Biden will call it the biggest threat to democracy the world has ever seen. He seems to have a different idea of what democracy is than you do. Wear your hat, and not just on Halloween, Liberals will be triggered everywhere you go.

DogfacePonia hopes you have a happy safe Halloween and Election. Watch out for dead voters, Necromancers and Zombies.

Image From: “we’re all really monkeys” (CC BY 2.0) by brainware3000