Who are these Biden Supporters Anyways?

Clown Crew

So the world is a confusing place. We here in DogFacePonia will be the first to agree. Somehow the polls are showing Biden’s approval has been steadily increasing. If that is not enough all the sudden Democrats are improving on the generic ballot. We have to wonder how the heck is this possible.

So if we assume, and this is a big assumption, that the polls are reflecting some portion of reality how could Basement Joe Biden be climbing. Some might argue Covid is slowing, inflation is slowing and gas prices are going down.

Yet it seems to us most people could logically look it is and say that Covid’s improvement has nothing to do with Biden. Inflation was and is super high at least in part because of Biden. Gas prices are going down only because Biden is literally dumping the strategic reserve on to the market to increase supply. I sure hope nobody declares war on us while we have a depleted reserve. Get ready for higher prices post election when the energy dump runs out. Let’s not talk about how we should probably refill the reserve at some point. Then there is the whole college loan forgiveness. So who is supporting Biden

Biden Supporters

  • People who like to wear masks – They are just into the fashion.
  • Insect Connoisseurs – They are going to eat bugs and like it
  • Gender Studies Graduates – They have a future in preforming in Drag Queen shows.
  • Anyone/Anythem who likes to attend Drag Queen Bingo at Public Libraries
  • People who like to pay more for everything – It makes them feel good to pay more.
  • Marital artists who like to live in crime ridden neighborhoods – like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Drug addicts that lost their crack pipe and needed a new one
  • People who want to join the X-men by getting more supposed vaccines – How many does it take? They are willing to find out.
  • Those that just like the taste of Paxlovid – Covid never tasted so good.
  • People that like Camping – aka crossing state like to kill the unborn.
  • People that don’t think elections should every be questioned – unless their candidate loses.
  • Anti-Constitutionalists – They really hate the Bill of Rights.
  • Blind people in nursing homes – Mark Zuckerberg is helping them out.
  • People who believe a dude wearing a bison hat was leading an insurrection – They need endless investigations to know for sure.
  • People who are ok with their city getting burned down – they have too much white privilege anyways.
  • Those who have been Almost Murdered by Ted Cruz
  • Trump Haters

We here at DogFacePonia don’t know how this adds up to 40% or even 20%. Then again we don’t believe what the polls say. Even if it seems like a waste of time, we hope you vote in November.

Image From: “PDX Marches – Aug 4th 2018 – 17 of 30” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Old White Truck